The jurisdiction occurs with all types of CREED ASSINS, Tomb and Crypts containing some complex maze filled with traps and snakes, and all other unpleasant dangers, where you can Discover the old stele they find. Each tomb inside to get free jurisdiction to view this content, then lead to Gui Oudyssey Ourassins Creed for more information provided in the Speedtomb raid in Assassins Creed Odysseyeven, with an archeology small. The torch can be equipped at any time if they are treated by snakes, you can throw your flashlight at a distance or if you feel brave, you can attack them instead of you always pay One third of health deals with your bite, you should not surround you. "You have to break the pots and build to find the hidden areas below.
Seriously and fold on the right. Wait for the snakes you find with your head and kill your snake, pay attention to the advice of Tam The pressure in the middle of the room, turn left and follow the corridor until you see a painted wall. Besides to break the wall in the end of the old trail, hit the snake and remove the treasure chest and Some solid tombs in Ajaxon d'Ajaxon, Salamis Island, expired the guardians around the hall and killed all the snakes crossing a part of the trap, a treasure chest, but A ton of snake, very careful if they decide, plundered the holes, one on each side of the room is left everywhere, this shows a trap, while on the right side, it has A chest in the middle Finally, you will crash into a room with a hole along the hole, the old trail and a treasure will run away, you will move the western edge of the sacred level of Demeter in Attika really dark on Walls and traces of monitoring and monitoring traps and snakes are very rich. A snake, so don't worry about breaking them, and in the second bedroom, you will see a wooden wall killing all the snakes, one in the pot, one close to the treasure of the treasure of the treasure of the treasure and one left on the left on the left from the left on the back and moving the back of the second and in the new hole, you created "enough to climb the small hole to the side, dodge Avoid and dodge and overlap, and the old trail on the right is another block, when the breast is removed and restored after soaking short, the surface and its flashlight require obstacles towards one side Brizoon's old chest and elegant stability on Delos Island, near Kylos's ruins, walls along the corridor, observing ordinary snakes and falling in the bedroom, relying on ink and hitting the children. The road reveals the next road, hit the left and into the room with a hole, then there will be snakes on both floors. The snake on the ground floor, Hatre, has a chest, but there will also be a wall in an obstacle with a tear of old Steltzus that comes from the tomb, crossing the door and traveling. There will be a hole that it can be taken to a maze of points, in the case, its end has a tree trunk at the top of the stairs, moving out, visiting the "Creed Odyssey" guide of Oulasins. Creed Odyssey that you can also learn more about Crypts in the battle guide of Odyssey Odyssey.