Part 2, episode 5, like the last four episodes feel too linear, it quickly switched to a different planting in previous and present stories (Spoilers below) that everything is stressful Between black and Spanish prisoners and Swelling De Vee, who is currently well established, as the Cruella of Litchfield, Gloria Mendoza, who has replaced the Red Guide of the Kitchen, asking, asking. Will Spanish prisoners use "Ghetto" or bathe, using black prisoners of the answer. Mendoza said, "When does it happen?" A very good question, because it seemed to have accumulated quickly that Taystee seemed to be completely in her wrinkles again, even Poussey did not seem to be careful, and the crazy eyes continued like A puppy (probably a puppy). Something mocked for them "of my time, black women have led nostalgia, but writing more and more light, local and society (racial tensions are played in one mind. Good situation when the Spanish origin found that water pressure is better than Ghetto means: "As if they have special privileges and we are black") Spanish prisoners of Spanish prisoners. In the kitchen damage food for black prisoners with too much salt, black prisoners, once again ordered in a bathtub something for your farm to use a black bath without any problem: Taystee and Watson want to work in the guard, after that, two other Mendoza must switch to talking to Caputo to switch to cooking while the Mendoza appears, the dry person with a twisted smile is wise, more and more. In this season as if "you played!", She said. Come to Mendoza as soon as he discovered that the girls were transferred by the guardian. what? Mendoza is the star of the recall of this episode, triggered by their meetings with Vee, but the relationship between the present and the past is not as clear as in the previous episodes. Is the common theme a fear that Mendoza trusts bad people? In the past, we saw them in a supermarket of aunt's health band. A customer often complained that the candle sold to aunt, Mendoza's stamp showed that he tried to resist, but she secretly looked at a US $ 50 note in exchange for her recovery vote. Well, the friend Arturo, the listener, then. Rude to a customer, we quickly gathered this abuse: In the next scene, Mendoza sat with a blue eye with his aunt in a game area seeing there while he Being persecuted and bringing him back, his aunt never had and confirmed that he worked with his problems "working until hell", his aunt, then, then Beating Mendoza and she decided the final left him. "I bought a food coupon and invoice from the government about things I never sold," he explained to his Aunt Arturo and tried to defend himself, his son "on the way". The police went outside and Arturo ran through the back door, but they were not there for him; They came to see him to return to him with fraud, after Gloria was arrested after glory, hell again, working in Litchfield, Big Boo and Nichols sexual competition ("that's not a battle. Rape "Nichols), an elderly woman granted notes for different prisoners 10; He started having sex with Alex) Boo won, but Nichols affirmed that "he played at a separate goal to get a lot of money," he took his fisherman at the fishermen of the guardians. new. He cursed when Fischer rejected his Morello, he guarantee that he was only "arrogant", Nichols said: "It is a story about CLA Ssique de L'S or record that the explanation of explanation His myth is too good to leave it separately. Dinner "Romantic"? He asked "What, the romantic Indians?" She answered "go" when he approached him My wife for dinner, in Spaghetti factory, told him that he had done other plans. He invited his girlfriend: "Your friends are my friends, my friends are friends, friend Yours, "he said," You don't have friends, "he said and bite English, still seemed to change this and solve a bar in which the group played, nothing m in it Joe Caputo on the bass (In the later drink, Sam A Caputo said that he especially liked the song at the workplace in the mine; Caputo explained that it was really a metaphor for investment surgery), but until Now has been famous mainly for masturbating like a prisoner, ie Angry and worried about the origin of prisoners and disappointed by chief Natalie "Figueroa, no Capu Dawg! "He called her, caused a jet from Caputo's eyes and seemed to listen to her worries and bring Piper for a three -day holiday that she asked when she knew her grandmother died but stayed at With Larry. He will do that, even if it is good to explore that the first Piper Larry called and placed it on the way back to Polly (he had done two hours to eat luggage, a hybrid Between a bag and a donut), he asked why she didn't call first "because we broke myself, and I thought I would imagine that this person could not depend on someone. Or someone depends on me, "you missed it.