Cashcevth.comcon returned from November 6 to 7 with host J. Balvin and Kristen Christmas Crawley, the appearance of $ AP Rocky and gymnastics and more buyers and immerse themselves in Long Beach. Giant fans - completely popular: I am - nothing to see more than Odell Beckham Jr. The widely recipient of the giant suffered in the training camp in August and since then to run, less dancing, it has prevented him from practicing a lot and keeping it from the first game of the people.
Giant NFL 2016 to 17. After that, when I and many other giant fans, I heard a report about it for the first time this week against the giant Les Cowboys is the first thought My fairy: "How can he?" That is: "Well, does that mean he will return to Lions for week 2?" Turns out the Obj and Westbrook reports may be a magnification on the dance floor. Object was interviewed on this issue on Thursday and minimized everything by looking for journalists with sarcastic journalists. "It was a complete dance battle, the man," he said. "We were there during the break. I had a small hat in my head with a swing. It was unbelievable when I could do something like that with Russell. Everything happened to me." , but reports on dancing offices alleged have been shown to be true, are they surprised? In addition to amazing production in one hand and revolution in the way a group of athletes uses their hair, Objen also creates a name for his first three seasons in NFL with the dance moves of the dance moves of the dance moves of the dance moves he. Dance in the dance area at the club, including Dance in the Garden of A Rapper, he is still in the title and participates in quite strange stories with his dance. While all (impatient!) We waited until they returned to their movement in the field of football exposed, see some of the most notable cases. He Whip OBJ has reached the title of his dance movement since he marked his first NFL touch. "The Whip" broke out after reaching the goal in a match against Falcons in October 2014 and later admitted that he did this because he promised a group of friends from Atlanta. I will use it if I have marked this game. He continued to use this special TD celebration in a large part of his career, but his TD celebration has been developed over the time since then: