Don’t wanna tell the story again
Anyone who’s everyone
Already knows what happened
Sorry shit worked out this way
Was the only thing that anybody really could say when she walked in
The line is thin between sad and funny
And I can only really speak for me but I didn’t see no one laughing
You can think of all the things you’d do different
Nothing’s gonna change the fact that you didn’t
Nothing’s gonna change nothing

And if it sounds stupid to say
That all the world needs is a little more love
Then how come it’s so hard to figure out?
How come it’s so hard to figure out?

You can scream and you can yell
You can bitch about the cards you’re dealt
But you’ll feel it till the feeling’s felt

’Cause everything’s been built on guesses
No guarantees of what the next is
Time never pushes, it only presses

And no one talked the whole way home
Everybody just stared at the road
And I rolled down my window
And leaned out leaned out
And watched the lights