The height of each floor in a building is based on the height of the ceiling, the thickness of the floor and construction materials, with an average of about 14 feet. Not all levels look like a ground: while a basement is often considered a floor, a loft floor (like a terrace or roof) is not a floor. What is a floor on the foot related to different levels of a building? While most of the levels between the floor and the upper floors have a ceiling height on the ceiling about 14 feet, lower levels and minimum or maximum heights. The history changes significantly less than the average of 14 feet. In fact, some factors affecting the standards of the floor on the foot for a building: construction materials, type of isolation and height for different levels. For example, a construction room is usually larger than the previous floors. Levels near the peak may have less soil than the following. The largest and smallest soils of the Willis tower show this principle. Willis Tower contains design innovations that means no central columns for stability. Therefore, there are many lands for an observed terrace and many family exhibitions on the 109th floor to see which point is true Chicago. The limit depends on the construction materials and the thickness of isolation. See how the maximum number of changes varies depending on the material: Wood wall frame: Maximum height of 11 feet and 7 inches. French walls formed with steel: Maximum height of 11 feet, 7 inches. 13 feet, 7 inches. The maximum wall height is not supported by 10 feet. The wall of the board is isolated: the maximum height of 11 feet, 7 inches; Use wall height equal to the 10th floor. What is the height of a floor of the building? How many feet on an apartment can vary depending on the function and location of the story in the building: the upper / attic floor: at least 50% of the area can be used with at least 7 feet roofs. . Land floor and second floor. Floo / Hall in the United States, we call the first floor "ground floor". In most cases of Europe, the "first floor" is in fact the second level! The upper floor: A main entrance floor is about one meter on the floor. The sun, right below. Or under the natural quality, usually between the top floor beams and the floor sheet below and the height of 3.9 feet or less. At least 7.5 feet. Tip: Storage below lower level and at least 7.5 feet height. 110 floors how high? Discover with Skydeck! After knowing that the height of the floor is changing, the size of the largest permanent story related to the biggest in Chicago Sillys? The Willis Tower reaches 110 floors, and amazing height is 1,450 feet! That's one thing to read the number on the screen, but a family trip to Skydeck shows you how it is really! You still contact Skydeck Chicago today to plan your special group or event on the 109th floor.