Physical strength can only bring so far, the world champion Crossfit Rich Fronting is "the closest man on Earth". It is fast, it is strong and extremely disciplined, but it is more necessary than physical strength to compete and win at the level of elite, you need an amazing spirit and mental perseverance and perseverance It was the exact balance of the three, presenting a champion for the first time. In a way, rich dividing training tips, dynamic techniques and priceless spiritual ideas he will prepare according to the Crossfit philosophy to meet all the true, mental and mental challenges. Earth's spirit ".
In 2013, 2013 and 2014, Rich successfully defended his title and was the first to win the games in Quat that he lived in Tennessedavid Thomas was co -authored by the author. Of some books, including the best -selling books of the New York Times for my life for my life. With Shawn Michaels and Foxcatcher with Mark Schultzsean Pratt, an actor who worked in more than two two Fifty years, playing in many theaters in the region in the country, he was ARE's author, and recorded more than seven hundred pounds almost all all genres and won eight audio awards and four problems. Send Audie re of an active appearance! The last event of the second day of the 2010 Crossfit Olympics called Sandbag Move, TH My delivered moisture began to describe the details of the event, while I went to the stadium floor to an empty truck waiting for me. The sandbags of the chair at one end of the stadium on the floor, upload them on a wheelbarrier, transport them to the stadium and then transport the bags to the upper row at the end of the stadium description, because of my father It was easy to come, that he had connected one of the many random tasks he gave me when I grew up to integrate a strong labor ethics, in which I knew that the sandbag movement was caught. A few other competitors without them, but for me it seems to be another day to work at Tennessee at home, the motion of sandbag is a classic example of how the events of the games are Eat and, at least, sometimes you realize in your heart. , pushing them, pulling it to most people transporting sandmand on a truck according to the sports script. Who thought about it? And how bad it was in a bad mood when it thought about it? "But it is" What is the game: Challenges that those who do not know and do not need to be presented between twenty people played the game at that time When I update to my family and friends after completing the movement of the sand bag, I have to admit that I am busy with strange jobs and strange jobs mainly to do our position when I grew up the children I knew, I played the video game, but my game system was never the best, then I spent a lot of time outside, I practiced sports. and play. I could not find anything outside, my parents gave something that would take me out of the house, I could have a discovery. P Lein Air Game or an activity I want to do, or I can spend the remaining time until Sunset performs an unpleasant task. When my father showed some old forests with rusty nails "I would use these boards," he said, "So you have to throw all these nails" I "I am sure I have seen them. A little fun because the mission seems strange "," he added, "They draw these nails to start a curve" a child dream with a wonderful baseball ball of the trash race tournament Throw into a pile and he lighted up a flame of joy, I thought and remembered the way he said that he admitted that he had planned to use wood, once again I was a little angry, right away, Even when I couldn't remember what kind of stupid type was a group of great concrete blocks inside, Pope told me that he should take the concrete blocks of this stable and in the other warehouse moving and there there It took me about three hours to complete the task and perform two blocks at the same time and when I had the term in the iné term, I was quite proud of my path, I arranged her. I mean, they are, they already already thrown into a battery in a good barn C when Dad returned from his work. He checked my work. Do you know? "He said," I don't like the reasons that you don't have one battery back to another, except that I have to put them well instead of throwing them into the battery At first, I knew that it was better to enjoy the job if possible, a job that I always had in the fall, placed bees, turned apples recorded in a baseball battle and provided a child. Bat ball is certain before. That I am the Cecil Field of Detroit Tiger, the majestic Homecs in power lines and on the real Tiger Stadium's seat when it's really, when the apple is an online driver in my favorite direction. Alan Tramell players stop, but what hurt a child, morality, intending to convey these assets to their children? I am the only child, I did the most difficult job in me, my sister Kayla, four of the four and a half years compared to me, we are completely opposite, I think I can play T-Box In a year, but that, that, that, that, there, that the person who wanted to play sports was like an animated filmmaker at the age of twelve -1 -1, and then I was already Mock myself from diabetes to massage the system and give a large part of the arrest to get a job, no work for me, even when I moan and complain in my breath. But I realized that my parents had a hard -working work 'sitting on a bench and they told him that he should go to do something; They worked very hard, my father always had a project, or three, at home, his father, currently responsible for the interview with a vacuum company, a servant, and when he did not work This, he seems to constantly clean our house or others. "Inside and outside, it seems that my parents always have something they work at home. I can count on my hand when I remember, my parents did not see anything, my parents were products of Families believe that working hard, I will take where they have to go, I am with my parents, grandparents and them and them. What we will need if we are not recovered simply, In a house, Pars and Shuttle, there are eight siblings and, as an agricultural family, they have projects throughout the year when they have to work together, their family mainly In the north of Detroit, Michigan and we live in the area near the small city from Omo, until nearly five years old The transmission takes place in cases of abnormalities in which the pope works in the car trw and performing a machine that is not cleaned by the reactor in the air, because they have exhausted a screw on the machine. In the rest of the lunch machine. And hot screws and dust shining, dust increased in ventilation and in the room that was not "cleaned and caused an explosion, no one was injured, but Pope said it was part of the right arm there was one one. The specific wall of him, the explosion is not the fault of the father, and everything that was transferred to the accident was promoted to the maintenance monitoring agency and was transferred to the Trw factory in Cookville, Located between Nashville and Knoxville in The Interstate. I'm busy working in our home at our home. I don't think there is anything in a car I cannot fix, or something that doesn't receive it Z I can build that he loves how he shows how I can build or fix everything they are our time to be together, only us and both, and both, and both, and both We both fell in love at the end of the day or when the work was completed, I cleaned every time I was rebellious, my mother and my father not only seized me, but they did not hesitate M for my friends F. to approve my friends to visit me in most subdivisions and "to perform the type of mission I did and my parents did not" try "to help them" then from the public. My job, I will tell my parents that my friends threatened me because the work they did, Michigan visited my family, one of my tutas will be taken to work when my father has a uncle Don. And Aunt Chris five models, and Aunt Chris will be the farm of M UHS being approved because she thinks she thinks that the press cuts have killed the grass with the year of the grass, Aunt Chris often tells us that We will come to a recent field that has been plowed and large stones to record them and transport them to kill the scope of large ponds on their property.