The living word I thought you died
I wrote a song that said you tried
But couldn’t live your life inside
This world of ours
And when your pockets fill with sand
Every hour passes with demands
That go unmet, with empty hands that follow them

And you stay every day
Trying to make it go away
Don’t go
And the things that you say
Like you’re acting in a play
You know?

And I saw you in a hall
With a pair of horns atop your head
But that was just someones’s mistake
A translation they had missed
Just one more on a long list
Of foreign phrases that they had misread
And it happens all the time
It’s a slow and steady grind
That leaves everyone behind
Till it’s forgotten and it’s fine

I froze, my eyes were red and dry
The summer night went slowly by
As hums and buzzes failed to help me
Sleep again
And I heard tell that the precious stones
That shook the earth and rattled bones
Would some day make a fitting home
Somewhere pretty