If you’ve seen one cathedral
Then baby, you’ve seen ’em all
I asked her what they were like
She told me they were tall
She said "if there’s a God and he’s heard one prayer
Then baby, he’s heard ’em all"
She said "he never thinks of his mother
Only remembers when she calls"

She said, "diamonds ain’t no friend of mine
And that’s just fine
If you wake up now
You still got something to find
It’s a hard life by design
But harder still
Harder still sitting round waiting for signs
All we always are
We’re all in time
All we always are
We’re always blind"

I ain’t afraid to face my fate
’Cause there ain’t no fate to face
You’d think if there was a God
He’d have better things to do
Than sit around answering prayers
From the likes of you
She said he’s got a father
But neither of them remember
So neither of them calls