Season 11, April 25, 2017: Graduated from G -Star Emily Serpic Cig Neutron, who participated in this season 7 this season, brought artists from the previous season and allowed them -Funeral. Because everyone is forced to create a few characters will film a martial arts outfit with costumes admired as a wink with Asian aesthetics and Auro de Ying-and-Yang of the duo duo Their, Crane and the "I" jacket. I am very proud of myself "For those who do not know this special competition, it is the producer of fighting artists because he can achieve the best special effects of Season 8. The youngest competitor is the distribution of Faceff connected - and supported this title to resolve at night, there are three artists supported by a group of former actors of this season. Members are members of international union cards on the theater theater staff or Emily's iSsyfy actress profile by Emily by Emily: the last face, to this day, with make -up make -up with -up with Make -up with experience -up experienced. Members of the alliance at the age of 18 and currently a hair technician in a wig company with his mother Emily because of the success and ventilation of his mother in the industry taught a wig when a girl in special effects, Emily is passionate about painting, sculpting and developing semi -finals on AB 18 Ril 2017: After two difficult weeks, Emily Not only surviving but also winning and being the first time named this season is a challenge in creating a corresponding architectural style, and Emily Drew Art Deco. They are gold, an creature inspired by Adler, impressed the judges in an interesting way. In the first half of the program, Emily Panic 1 at the end of the day, he did not collect a face or wing on what they would find so far. "I am very grateful to spend your time helping," Emily said to his cat.