The curved questions / goals of the heads with exact conditions (food, accurate temperature, etc.) can grow very quickly. Depending on the situation, it may be something good for everyone (yeast must be folded in growth) or something bad (bacteria pressed into their throat, leading to Lien's throat. bacterial bridge). It is important to have knowledge of its growth, so we can predict or control its growth under special conditions.
Although the growth of mutant organisms is often measured to increase the size of a single organism, the growth of microorganisms is based on the growth of the population, by measuring the increase. The number of cells or the total mass increases.
for laboratory development, its growth has spread. It has been discovered that in a closed system or more cultivation (no supplements, waste will not be removed) according to the predictable diagram, hospital stage and death or decline . In addition, this growth curve can create time for a specific organization: the time when the population needs to be doubled. Bacterial growth curve. By Michał Komorniczak. If you use my image (original or modified) on your website or in your publication, you are invited to give me detailed information: Michał Komornick (Poland) or Michal Komorniczak ( Poland). You can find more information in my email address: lag phasethe lag phase is the adaptive time in which bacteria adapt to their new conditions. Depending on the difference, the length of the changing stage may vary significantly under the conditions of bacterial conditions and the condition of bacterial cells. The growth cells are transmitted by a support type in the same type of support with the same environmental conditions with the shortest latency. Damaged cells have a long time different because they must be repaired before being able to participate in reproduction. Cells in the period of synthesis of RNA, enzymes and essential metabolites, lack of their new environment (such as growth factors or molecules), as well as adapt to environmental changes like The temperature of the change, the availability of pH or oxygen. It can also perform an essential repair of injured cells.
phase or logarithmic cells that have accumulated everything they need to grow and continue to divide it. The growth period by exponential or logarithmic is characterized by the apparent appendix of the population, so 1 cell becomes 2 cells, 4, etc. Waiting curves), although less ideal conditions lead to slower growth. The cells of the growth periodic growth period are healthy and similar, which explains why most experiments use the cells of this period. Class stage of patients hospitalized, DNA connection of hungry cell protein (DPS), oligotrophic, secondary metabolites, death or decline, feasible, but no culture (VBNC).